Jimmi Buscombe


The female Red-tailed Black Cockatoo embodies the energy of The Empress with her feminine power, elegance and loyalty. Her striking and intricate black, red and yellow plumage commands presence, whilst at the same time she provides loving nurturance to her family, carefully lining her nest with eucalyptus leaves and soft bark. Cockatoos partner for life, groom each other, forage together and lie side by side as they sleep. The Empress calls us to view our desire to care for others as a form of creative expression and a gift that brings abundance, sensuality and beauty into the life of those we love.

words by Sheridan Buscombe


The White Peacock is a breathtakingly beautiful and grand Light Worker. Bringing a soft glowing light to the world, he reminds us of our inner radiance and connects us to the devine illuminated self. He invites us in faith to stand tall and proud and to shine in our own inner light. “Inner Light” has been painted with great care and detail in honour of this truly majestic bird. Each limited edition print is hand-finished with metallic silver inks and iridescent acrylic paint and comes hand-numbered and signed by Jimmi.

words by Sheridan Buscombe



The New Holland Honeyeater is a master pollinator, vital to the reproduction of over 100 Australian native plants through the plundering of bush flowers for nectar and the subsequent spread of pollen. Also highly protective of each other, when danger approaches a New Holland Honeyeater, a group of honeyeaters will form together and give a warning call to their friend.


Our native honeyeater holds a deeply co-operative spirit, not only towards her tribe but to the environment that supports her. She teaches us that we are all deeply connected, in isolation we are vulnerable, but together we thrive.


Together We Thrive is also available as a limited edition hand-finished artwork and is available in three sizes. Each comes individually hand-finished with metallic inks and is signed and numbered by Jimmi.


words by Sheridan Buscombe

Sherry Johnson



“Connect to your inner-child when you are out in nature. Feel your senses respond to Mother Earth. Be curious. Look around you, touch, listen, smell, taste and see the beauty that surrounds us every day. The beauty that we forget to experience and feel when we are busy and stressed.

Open yourself up again to connect to your sense of wonder” 
-Sherry Johnstone