Port Campbell
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Port Campbell is nestled amongst some of the Victoria's most spectacular coastline scenery, including Port Campbell National Park and the Twelve Apostles. Sheltered by cliffs and Norfolk pines, it has the atmosphere of a haven on the edge of wild nature.

Named after Captain Campbell – a Scotsman in charge of Port Fairy's whaling station – the town began as a small fishing port with surrounding pastoral runs.

Today it is a great base for seeing the Twelve Apostles, the dramatic rock stacks that have made this coastline famous. Other stunning coastal features include Loch Ard Gorge, Gibson Steps and the Bay of Islands.

Creeks and the harbour offer excellent fishing and surfing is epic with Two Mile Bay revered as one of the best big-wave breaks in Australia. Join a dive tour and visit large canyons and gorges on the sea floor or a boat tour taking anglers and passengers close to the stacks, caves and arches in the area.

Activities and attractions:

- Witness the spectacle of a sensational sunset over the Twelve Apostles.
- Experience the immense size of the cliffs and rock stacks at Gibson Steps.
- Take to the air for a bird's-eye view of the Twelve Apostles, or:
- Join a boat tour around them to experience their immense size.
- Visit the Loch Ard cliff-top graveyard, final resting place for the many shipwreck victims.
- Watch as thousands of mutton birds return at dusk to their rookeries on Muttonbird Island (Sept. to April).
- Unlock the secrets to the many shipwrecks by following the Shipwreck Trail.
- Enjoy sunset at the Bay of Islands and the Bay of Martyrs.
- Dive to the depths where wrecked ships lie at rest, or go snorkelling on an organised tour.
- Enjoy a coffee or a meal with a view of Port Campbell Bay.

Port Campbell is 283 kilometres south-west of Melbourne travelling via the Great Ocean Road.
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The Great Ocean Road
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The Great Ocean Road region hugs the contours of Victoria's rugged south west coast and offers visitors one of Australia's greatest and most spectacular coastal drives.

Start your journey in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula and discover beautiful beaches, great eateries, a fascinating heritage and an enormous range of recreational opportunities from fishing and golfing to diving and surfing. Take in the colourful and lively ambience of bayside Geelong, Victoria's second largest city, or visit quaint Queenscliff and discover the town's rich maritime history, excellent restaurants and heritage hotels.

Along the coast, seaside resort towns such as Lorne and Apollo Bay are the perfect base for a seaside escape. They offer stunning beaches and water sports as well as some of Australia's best rainforest scenery in the nearby Otway Ranges.

One of the most visited stretches of the road is Port Campbell. Buffeted by wild seas and fierce winds, the coastline around Port Campbell has been sculpted over millions of years to form a series of striking rock stacks that rise out of the Southern Ocean. Known as the Twelve Apostles, they are one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Victoria.

The Great Ocean Road region also has a rich maritime past. Historic towns such as Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Portland allow you to enjoy seafaring village life, with their fishing wharves, beautifully preserved colonial buildings and maritime museums recounting the stories of ships that have foundered off the rugged shipwreck coast.
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The Twelve Apostles
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Shipwreck Coast
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Port Campbell National Park
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Loch Ard Gorge
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Corangamite Shire
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Apostle Whey Cheese
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The Timboon Railway Shed Distillery
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